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Relevant Research Reports

Socio-Political Aspects of Marine Aquaculture:

A Comparative Study of Policymaking in Germany and Israel

A Research project under the GIF (German Israeli Foundation) for the years 2008-2010


Relevant Research Reports

1. NATO SCIENCE FOR PEACE project “Societal security and environmental impacts concerning mariculture in the Red Sea”

  1. Farm History-Meeting Dubi 030108 world logoח
  2. First meeting with Ori 021207 world logo ח
  3. Meeting Amatzia 121207 world logo ח
  4. Stakeholder analysis world logo
  5. Feeding facts-Meeting Ori 020108 world logo ח
  6. Literature review world logo
  7. Project Bibliography world logo


2. Other Research Reports

  1. Bengal Shmueli 2005 pdf icon
  2. Copy of Community Research Needs Aquaculture CA world logo
  4. Sustainable Marine Aquaculture report pdf icon ח
  5. Community perceptions final report pdf icon
  6. Copy of Social Aspects of Aquaculture in the Bay of Fundy pdf icon
  7. Global cage aquaculture fao 2007What Price Farmed Fish seaweb pdf icon ח
  8. Gaps in aq technol- FP6 pdf icon
  9. Boyd et al. 2002 pdf icon
  10. CONSENSUS-FP6 Project 2005 pdf icon ח